I’ll get the quick promotional blurb out of the way first. There are some “Interviews with the Author” around the net in various booky type places, so I’ll give you some links here. I’ve never been much good at blowing my own horn, so these interview things are sometimes a good way to extract personal information from me. Because I usually just keep my mouth shut about those things. Anyway, here are three of them, and no… they’re not all the same interview:

It’s Write Now interview: The site is a well known booklist and promoter of all things literary. Nice folks over there, so go ahead and subscribe to their mailing list if you’re a reader like me.

Awesome Gang interview: Another well known book site. They are almost religious in their love of books and authors.

Pretty Hot Books interview: Not sure how Gizmo and I ended up on this site, but I’m glad we did. Though it has lots of genres (and the book is “Memoir / Biography”), it mostly features romance novels with pictures of hunky guys without shirts on, sporting sixpacks and embracing slender and willowy female love interests. Still, in his own equine way, Gizmo could have pulled that off, I reckon. Anyway, stop by there for my interview with them.

Have been getting great reviews on Amazon, and in places like Goodreads. Check ’em out if you’re wondering whether to plunk down your hard earned cash for this literary adventure.

Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it before, happy new year. I hope it brings smooth trailin’ for you.