Welcome To The Site

This has been a long time coming. Took me forty years to write the book, and another one to get it out into the world. And a bit more time to gather photos and memorabilia together so I can properly give Gizmo his due. So, this is just a little welcome mat I'm...

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What the Readers are sayin’

The book’s out now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s doing okay. I’m hoping it’s gonna grow legs and get on out there, farther into the real world. It’s a bit like your children. You nurture them along and, at some point, you give ’em a shove and send them out on their own. A...

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He was young and full of himself when we set off from Ventura, California on April third, 1974. Born on the first of February, 1970, he was just four years old, still pretty green and inexperienced, but honest and dependable. We had already forged a strong...

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I Finally Wrote That Book

Yes folks, I finally got around to writing the book. It only took forty-some-odd years. But what the heck, I got it done. I did the whole deal. Wrote it, edited it, sent it to a real editor. Rewrote it. Sent it around to folks to read (them call ’em “beta readers” in...

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